Both Plains and Valley Alfar come from a shared heritage as children of Feyus, the sun god. Their ancient homeland was destroyed by Iridian and Tokai invaders, and then torn apart by civil war and famine. Those who remain in Morata serve as followers of Zastillifar and shun the “traitor-god” Feyus. Others exist as "Blood Knights" who wander the islands of Iridia as pirates, taking revenge on the Iridians who destroyed their home.

Alfar are friendly and open to new friends. They enjoy casual conversation and getting to know new people and places. They are loyal to a fault however, and will never forget an enemy in their long lives. They tend towards good alignments and usually worship Feyus or Lesellia. Alfar society is egalitarian and very respectful of religious figures. Age matters little to them, and after reaching adulthood all Alfar are considered equal.

Male Names: Lekin, Feyden, Alken, Guerren, Yann

Female Names: Kima, Tellovine, Serayne, Feya, Fela

Physical Qualities

Alfar are humanoid creatures. They are taller than most humans, but are more slender, trending towards toned and sleek bodies. Their ears are pointed, and extend two inches from their heads. Alfar hair comes in blonde, light green, or light orange. Most have blue, green, or grey eyes. Their skin varies between pale to bronze.

Maturity is reached at eighteen years of age, but Alfar never grow old. Alfar Hair grows very slowly, They begin to weaken very suddenly and die sometime between 200 and 400 years of age. Given their long lifespans, Alfar are extremely infertile and population shocks persist for a very long time.

Play This Race if You Want to;

  • Be an ancient and pious race.
  • Have ties to the gods and the sun itself.
  • Excel at the cleric, paladin, and avenger classes.
  • Never need to carry a torch!
    Alfar Sun Knight

    An Alfar Sun Knight

Sun Knight Old

A Warrior of Osiria


Alfar possess the Longevity and Luminosity traits, and may identify as either Plains or Valley subspecies.


Alfar gain a +2 bonus to death saving throws, and a +5 bonus to all tests made to resist disease.


Alfar know the racial power Luminocity:

Glow (Racial)
A soft yellow glow rises up from within your skin.
At-Will - Minor Action - Personal
Effect: You create a bright light in two squares, and dim light in five squares. You can end this effect as another minor action.

Valley Alfar

Languages: Luxen, choice of two others.

Skill Bonuses: +2 Religion, +2 Insight

Radiant Affinity: Gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls that have the radiant keyword. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th level, and +3 at 21st level.

Plains Alfar

Languages: Luxen, choice of two others.

Skill Bonus: +2 Religion, +2 Nature

Radiant Resistance: Gain a +2 bonus to all defences against attacks that have the radiant keyword.