Consuming Substances

The following indicates generic forms of consumption of mind-altering substances.

When a character consumes an amount greater than or equal to the "dose size" within 24 hours, the character gains the "benefit" which lasts for the "benefit duration." If a character wishes to ignore the benefit but still consume the substance, they must make a constitution test versus the "resist" DC.


A character who makes regular use of these substances may become addicted (at the discretion of the player) and takes a -1 penalty to will defence if they end an extended rest without consuming another dose.

Common Substances

Substance: Wine

Dose Size: 1L (low quality) to 250ml (high quality)

Price: 5Cp to 10Cp for low quality local wine, up to 30Cp to 50Gp for vintages.

Resist: 8

Benefit: -1 penalty to reflex defence. +2 bonus to saving throws versus fear effects.

Benefit Duration: 1d6 hours

Addictiveness: Low

The most common of all alcoholic beverages, and one with the largest alcohol content in the era. Wine is a staple of the wealthy across much of Altus. Grapes require plenty of sunshine, and are grown in the Tuebe Valley of southern Redoga, and around Vitro Auq in Kavees. Other locales have limited vineyards of low quality.

Wine has decent nutritional content, making it healthier that drinking water in many regions. It is one of the few mortal foods that Arcva can enjoy, consumer by placing it in water-tight gloves worn on their hands.

Substance: Merrin Bloom

Dose Size: 100g

Price: 4 Sp per dose in Iridia or Morata, 8 Sp per dose along western Cellian Ports or Ijhier, and 20 Sp inland regions near the Jarissa Sea.

Resist: 13

Benefit: -2 penalty to perception and insight tests. +2 bonus to initiative.

Benefit Duration: 1d8 hours

Addictiveness: Moderate

Merrin Bloom is the very rare substance produced within the ovary of the Merrin Weed, which is itself an invasive plant whose thick vines and toxic emissions are slowly overtaking the islands of Iridia and Morata. Because of the plant's love for volcanic soil, it is hard to grow elsewhere, making its collection difficult.

The Merrin Bloom is a yellow mulch which is mixed with mild acid (typically urine) and then dried for a week before ingestion. The intensity of the acid also increases the intensity of the effect.

Those under the influence experience colourful hallucinations, difficulty concentrating, and a rush of adrenaline.

Substance: Opia Coral

Dose Size: 1g

Price: 1 Sp per dose in Borave, 3 Sp per dose in eastern Cellian ports and Ghidovia. 5 Sp in the Cellian Empire or Redoga.

Resist: 11

Benefit: -2 penalty to will defence, and you are always surprised by combat. +1 bonus to healing surge value.

Benefit Duration: 1d4 hours

Addictiveness: Low

This coral comes from the Opia Reef on the north-east coast of Borava. It is found within the exoskeleton of coral reefs, and is extracted via the lengthy process of crushing and grinding. The white powdery extract is most often consumed by burning it while inhaling the fumes. Healers commonly prescribe it for its medicinal properties.

Substance: Baxiajus Blood

Dose Size: 100ml

Price: 50 Gp per dose, which must be kept in a protective waterskin made of a baxiajus' hide.

Resist: 16

Benefit: -2 penalty to fortitude defence, and gain vulnerable 1 to necrotic damage. Demons are more likely to act favourably towards you.

Benefit Duration: 1d8 hours

Addictiveness: High

Baxiajus blood comes from the four-legged minor demons whose name it borrows. The market for the blood is extremely small, but can be found (with difficulty) in rural Redoga or Ghidovia. The dark liquid will evaporate when exposed to the air, but when drunk dilutes quickly into your blood and evaporates slowly through the skin. The drink produces a physical weakness and absence of mind, accompanied by euphoric happiness.