Feyus was one of six children born to Alnasia and Darengan. After his birth, Feyus had to learn to control the power he held within him. Using his light, he helped the other gods to establish their own realms within the cosmos. Feyus was a friendly god, who got along well with all of his siblings except Darnus, who found him annoying and irritating. Lesellia was his closest sibling, and the two lived in Alnasia's Orchard, growing food and gardens to admire.

When the gods convened to celebrate the life of their mother, Alnasia, Feyus took the form of the Alfar for which he is now known. When Akatu was slain during the feast, Feyus created the Alfar to serve as guardians of Altus. They were placed atop the Emerald Mountains where the Adamant kept them lit.

While Feyus created the Alfar, Darnus was busy plotting. Darnus watched the Adamant glow in the sky, and wished to have its strength. He made a deal with Axxaasto to push the Adamant from the sky into the Ocean, where Darnus would eat it. Feyus found their plan in motion, and drew a spear of light to protect the Adamant. The two battled for days and nights, each blow sending cataclysmic shockwaves through the cosmos. The shock waves illuminated the mountain peaks of Altus with beautiful colours, and echoes of this battle continue to strike as Helstorms in the tallest peaks of Altus.

Although Feyus had defended the world from Axxaasto, he was so weak that he knew Darnus could consume his strength. Feyus turned his body into a font of magic that blasted powerful radiation across the sky. No demon could approach him to seize the body, and Darnus was be unable to get into the sky to consume him. By day, Feyus roams the sky of the world to keep it safe, and each night he descends to fight demons once more.

Darnus was punished by Zarodossa, with the help from Zastillifar after they learned of what he had done. Sealed within a tomb of magic ice, Darnus was to be kept until ten million suns had risen over Altus. A number which most priest agree is close to its end.


Be good in all things of life. Every creature lives upon Akatu's body, and every creature was made from the love of the gods. Therefore there is no reason to feel superior to any other creature by nature of birth or situation.

When you are weak, expect help from your family and community. If you are rich, offer your wealth to those who need it. Power and ability allow great deeds but come with great responsibility to those less fortunate.

Things of beauty pervade the world, and they are what offer the most enjoyment in life. A life without art, music, or culture is a dull and pointless existence. All forms of art are sacred, for they embody the divine spark all races have–the power to create something from nothing.

If all seems lost, remember that the sun itself was born from a moment of tragedy. Never despair,for there will always be hope on the horizon.

The dead belong to Akatu, but Feyus takes the pious souls to rest in Alnasia's Orchard. Those who worked hard in life for the benefit of others are rewarded with a pleasant afterlife. When the time comes to defeat the spawn of Darengan once and for all, those souls will be reborn to save the world from the shadow.



Thanks: “May the Sun shine on.”

For blessings: “Light your path.”

Before breakfast: “Great Father, guide my thoughts and watch my actions this day. Keep me warm. Keep me light. In your luminescence I kneel. May the Sun shine on.”

For a funeral: “Sun bring him/her to your side so that in this dark hour, he/she shall know only light.”

For a birth: “Sun bless this gift who will spread your light, your beauty, and your kindness. Watch over him/her when he/she is cold. May the sun Shine on.”

For a success: “You honour us with this grace, just as you honour us with your light each day. May the Sun shine on.”


Thanks: When saying thanks, a bow an cessation of one's shining if Alfar. Other races might cover their faces or avoid eye contact. Only the one you are thankful for deserves to be bright.

Marriage: When two followers of Feyus wish to bind themselves in a union, they must present themselves on a hillside on Feyuken the 31st.

The Winter: To celebrate and remember the day that Axxasto defeated Feyus, on the 39th of Darken. Those who follow him hold a communal wake where they do not eat or sleep for an entire day.

Last Light: The fall of Morata ended on the 20th of Zastiken when Feba Rise erupted, bringing about Alyoza's Vale. Sing, dance, and show Bathud that the faithful will never suffer while they have hope.

The Neverdark: Legends tell of icy lands on the edge of the world where the sun shines all year long. Those who take the pilgrimage are revered for their zeal, but most who depart are never heard from again.


Diet: Feyus blesses plants with his light, and sun-grown plants are considered to be the most nutritious. Meat is not shunned, but it is considered to be unhealthy in large quantities. Fish are considered both unhealthy and bad for the mind.

Night: Nighttime is when demons roam the world unopposed by Feyus. The 30th of Akaken, when the night is longest, is bad luck.

Mountains: High places are said to be closer to Feyus, and mountain-top temples are thought to empower followers of Feyus. Danger is always present in the form of rogue Helstorms that can kill or disfigure those caught in them.

Temples: Grand temples are erected by followers of Feyus, with focus on being vibrant, well-lit, and tall. The purpose is not to be lavish, but to serve as a beacon for those needing Feyus' aid.