Half level is removed from almost every place it previously appeared.


Half Level

Characters no longer use their half level to:

  1. Increase their accuracy on attack rolls
  2. Increase their AC or NADS
  3. Increase their Skill or Attribute tests
  4. Increase their Initiative tests


The "Enhancement bonus" from magical items has been altered as follows:

  1. Some feats, powers, or traits that give bonuses to non-D20 related stats


One major teak to monster design was to reduce their hitpoints and increase their damage. This meant that luck was more likely to determine the outcome of battles. While I accept this detriment, one side effect was that higher level enemies, whose previously higher defences made them considerable obstacles could still be defeated over time. Given the increased randomness, it was plausible that the party could be killed by higher level enemies before they even landed a blow, even if the enemy was only a handful of levels above them. Similar problems existed with lower level enemies being too weak.

It also prevented skills from being unreasonable powerful at higher levels. Level 30 characters could expect to be more than twice as good at their weakest skill compared to level 1 experts. We did not feel this accurately reflected the level of story we wanted to tell.