Ghidian Qualities

Ghidians are descendants from the great civilization of Ghidovia that was the first of its kind in the ancient world. They were the first to harness the blood of Alnasia to reshape the world around them. When their homeland befell an icy curse that froze a large part of their country, the Ghidovians scattered across southern Vasta. Some adventurous sailors sought to find new homes in the cold fjords of southern Saeva, but none ever rivaled the grandeur of Ghidovia.

Ghidians are artistic and cultured. They are brought up among the relics of wealth and luxury unparalleled in any human city today, leaving many with a burning desire to reclaim their lost glory. They are nonetheless humble , and tend to stay away from other civilizations in favour of remote settlements.

They live in matriarchal societies, and children trace their family through the mother's line. Ghidians are distrustful of others, especially the Arcva.

Male Names: Soned, Falir, Puron, Neson

Female Names: Seriphina, Sasha, Sonya

Family Names: Almheid, Eneit, Unsted

Saeven Qualities

Saevens are the denizens of the subcontinent Saeva. Although they have no united history, the remains of the Zarodom of Redoga brings most of them together in war, if not peace. Saevens are a practical and hardy race that live around a lake whose toxic algae can be poisonous.

A Saeven is usually literal and short-spoken due to their language which is designed for efficient conversation with no abstract thinking. Humour is not widely appreciated - it is seen as a sign of immaturity to make too many jokes.

Saevens live in a patriarchal society where adult males have dominion over children and women. Family ties are strong, and a father will typically make decisions for his children including their marriage, occupation, and place of residence.

Male Names: Benjamin, William, Jason, Dennis

Female Names: Emma, Elizabeth, Caitlin, Sarah

Family Names: Smith, Hill, Hunters, Aumar

Iridian Qualities

Iridians come from Iridia, a distant continent ruled by thick jungle, coral reefs, and active volcanoes. Their people were nearly wiped out by a terrible volcanic eruption which brought an aggressive weed that strangles other plants, and dark clouds of ash which devastated local ecosystems. In desperation, the people set sail for Morata, home of the Alfar. Their invasion failed, and the survivors turned to demon worship to preserve the species. Centuries later, the demigod Bathud led them once more to battle, and succeeded in winning land for them to inhabit along the coastline.

Iridians are a rapidly advancing society with a culture surrounding hunting and fishing. Those who are self-sufficient are admired, while those who engage in trade or crafts are mocked. Even blacksmiths and farmers are expected to hunt occasionally. They are light-hearted however, and do not mind laughing about the misfortune in their lives. Upon the seas, they employ the best ships and navigational tools around, and many work as merchants, fishermen, or pirates.

Iridians live in tribes or clans with practical, rather than familial ties. After reaching maturity, adults find new tribes nearby to live with. The leader of these tribes, the chief, is usually selected by the members of the tribe in a semi-democratic process. Many tribes form together into confederations, such as the Caugos Confederacy in Morata.

Male Names: Udon, Weh'et, Balio, Verned

Female Names: Eopoh, Tlumeh, Oula, Meiu

Physical Qualities

Humans have the same bodies that we do today.

They are shorter and lighter on average then modern humans only due to malnourishment and poorer health. Altus humans remtail all other qualities.

Ghidians are of fair-skin and blond, brown, or red hair. Iridians have light brown skin with black hair. Saevens are dark-brown skinned with brown or black hair.

Play This Race if You Want to;

  • Be a decisive, resourceful hero able to face any challenge.
  • To have the most flexibilty of any race.
  • To excel at any class you choose.
  • Be allowed into the USA!

A Saeven Warlock

Iridian Woman

An Iridian Woman

Mana seeker

A Ghido Mana Seeker


All humans gain a bonus at-will, feat, and skill.

Bonus At-Will

Gain a bonus level one at-will attack power from your class at 1st level.

Bonus Feat

Gain a bonus feat at 1st level. You must meet the feat's prerequisites.

Bonus Skill

Gain training in one additional skill from your class skill list.


Languages: Ghido, and a choice of one other.

Skill Bonus: Gain training in either Arcana or history


Languages: Saeven, and a choice of one other.

Courage: Gain a +1 bonus to saving throws.


Languages: Jarissian, choice of one other.

Tough: Gain a +2 bonus to hitpoints. This increases to +4 at 11th level and +6 at 21st level.