Regions: The Deep

Races: Alti human

Script: Alti

Other: This language evolved in the secluded depths of Haurim. It later evolved into Ghido. Some versions of it are spoken by clerics living near the Deep.


Regions: Cella, Kavees, Ijhier, Papiska

Races: Arcva, Cellian Ashanzu

Script: Cellian

Other: The Cellian language was brought to Altus by the Arcva. It was spoken by their courts even when they ruled Ghidovia, though the locals never adopted it. When Dondoriul Rafil I was exiled, he spread the language. It has since become the ubiquitous language of commerce.

The language is quite simple to learn, adding to its relative draw among non-native speakers.


Regions: Ghidovia, Unowned Forest, Southern Saeva.

Races: Ghido humans

Script: Ghido

Other: This ancient language is taught to the educated scholars of the world even within the Cellian Empire to make use of the many texts which are written in it.

It is a very complex language, but is learned by many wizards around the world who wish to make use of the script.


Regions: Iridia, Morata

Races: Iridian humans

Script: None

Other: The Jarissian language is mysterious in origin, spoken by so few outside of their circles that learning it is a strong barrier to foreign relations with Iridian humans. Its dialects are very different, making inter-Iridian communication difficult as well. However, those who know the language can easily use it to identify the origin of the speaker.


Regions: Morata, Sungrass

Races: Alfar

Script: None

Other: The language was said to be spoken by Feyus to the first Alfar. due to the long-lives of the Alfar, the language has not changed much since its creation, although lack of writing means there is difficulty in verifying this claim.

The words flow together gently, and it is easily sung by bards around the world. Many clerics of Feyus also learn the language.


Regions: Saeva

Races: Saeven humans

Script: Cellian

Other: This language is very basic, making use of literal descriptions and compound words. Its gruff syllables are distinctive and low-pitched, carrying easily over the hills of Redoga and western Saeva.


Regions: Borava

Races: Tokai, Sprite

Script: Token

Other: This guttural language borrows many words from Ghido and Cellian, especially words pertaining to magic and civilization.


Regions: Vasta, Skymetals

Races: Vsaten Ashanzu

Script: Token

Other: The language is claimed to be a mixed language. It borrows properties from Cellian, Ghido, Token, and Luxen. It is more vowel-intensive which helps carry over the wide, flat vasten desert.