Morata was once a nation in the Emerald Valley until the collapse of Morata.



The High Clerics of Feyus once gathered on the edge of Jayenas Lake to elect the next Supreme Commissar after the previous one resigned. Their old way was ended when all but one supreme Commissar were slain during The Fall of Morata.


High Cleric: The six high clerics were the historic legislative and judicial lords of Morata. Each is elected by a council of Clerics. They worked together, but in the absence of the rest any single High Cleric can speak on their behalf. They were responsible for training Sun Knights and Clerics.

Supreme Commissar: Leader of the army and enforcer of laws. They were able to appoint Commissars to serve them.

Cleric: Elected by the members of a village. Local government figure.

Commissar: A travelling soldier, guard, and judge.


The Moratan army was a vestigial force. The soldiers were commanded by commissars, but only local militias existed during times of peace. The Sun Knights, once the legendary guardians of Morata, are almost extinct. Those who remain reside in Nolaria where they battle Alyzosa's minions to guard their city.



The capital of Morata is in a period of rapid decline. Its surrounding region swelled to almost 200,000 Alfar after the eruption of Feba Risa, but then dropped rapidly as famine took its toll. Now, the region hosts 60,000 Alfar craftsmen, farmers, and warriors. Effectively cut off from the outside world, it has become a mysterious place decorated with skeletons and fascinated with the art of killing demons.