The waning years of the 1880s saw the rise of many smaller nations on Altus that sought to eke out their existence on the fringes of civilization, battling harsh climates and sometimes magical enemies.

The Zarodom of Lesellia

Frustrated by his old court's failure to hold onto the Vasta Suwe Fuval, Millile-Zarod Vazius Isara stole a millile from the Cellians during their civil war and reconquered the lands. near the river and declared himself Zarod of Vasta. Vazius began to rely more and more on the local Vasten Ashanzu, and soon dismantled his installed Cellian social order in favour of the more freedom granted by Vasten culture. In 1848, Iron League ships landed and seized the port of Vastasuwemin bankaluma. Unable to resist their attack, he instead retreated to the isolated Lesellia Lake, where he ruled as a benevolent Zarod, given the ironic name "Zarod of Lesellia." Though cut off from the outside world. the Zarodom of Lesellia survived in the heart of Vasta, protected by the desert on all sides.

City State of Darnor

Poneius was a relatively bare island known for its pirates and infested with creatures such as Cabats and Rendiols. Settlement was avoided until Iridian colonists established themselves along the Poneius Fuval. Although still a lawless and dangerous island devoid of major civilizations, the settlement of Darnor became a port for any vessel that wished to avoid the tolls of the Cellian Empire. Guarded by sleep ships without rowers that could outpace any galley over long distances, their vessels could attack commerce far faster than galleys could arrive to protect them. Though the Crimson Sails battled to keep its influence at a minimum, the strained Cellian Navy was never successful in removing the port.

Caugos Confederacy

The Iridian conquerors of Morata established themselves in tribal groups along the west and north coasts of Morata. Their distant homes in the Caugos Islands were soon overtaken by the invasive Merrin Weed, vengeful Blood Knights, and volcanic expansion, they abandoned them and relocated their entire civilization to Morata - but the tribes kept the name of their old home. As Osiria's Alfar dwindled in number, the brutal wars and massacres perpetrated by both sides resulted in fresh land for the Iridians to settle. Soon, the variety of city-states banded together in order to protect against Osiria and possible Cellian intervention. The Caugos Confederacy was proclaimed in 1895, and their campaign to slowly expand their borders into the Vara Valley and south to the Ijhier Forest continued.