Queen Fenalia has decided to appoint all future rulers, though her criteria is to only appoint the strongest possible warriors.


Rendiol: The true power in Osiria is the Rendiol Zaluatcla, who desires to create the largest kingdom in the world.

King/Queen: The ruler of the kingdom who derives their authority from their own power.

Commissar: Appointed by the monarch, these local judges have final authority unless superseded by the monarch.


The army of Osiria is made up of the broad order of Shorn Knights, bitter enemies of the Sun Knights. They are zealots of zastillifar who shave their head except for a single braid beside their ear, which is dyed with their own blood. Their ranks began at only a few hundred, but has since grown to over 2000 warriors.


Osiria City

This city of pyramids is build on the edge of Vara Lake and fed by the Osir river. The old idols of Feyus have been toppled, and lie in pieces in the corn fields around the city. Its stone buildings are made to withstand strong northern winds that come each winter. The 5000 farmers, craftsmen, and merchants who live here pay much of their output to help rebuilt the Shorn Knights.

Key Exports

Glass: the western parts of Vara lake have silica sand which can be melted to produce transcluscent and transparent glass which is very expensive.

Dyes: The Sun Rays who live in the lake are harvested for many bright coloured dyes.