Heroic Tier


Feat: Human Determination

Prerequisite: Human

Benefit: Gain a +3 bonus to all attack rolls made during an action granted by spending an action point.

Feat: Human Resourcefulness

Prerequisite: Human

Benefit: When you roll a natural 18-20 on a death saving throw, you may spend a healing surge to regain hitpoints.

Feat: Ghidian Training

Prerequisite: Human, Ghidian

Benefit: Gain Prestidigitation or Mage Hand as encounter powers.

Feat: Redogan Courage

Prerequisite: Human, Saeven

Benefit: Gain a +1 feat bonus to saving throws.

Feat: Iridian Endurance

Prerequisite: Human, Iridian

Benefit: Increase your healing surge value by 2.


Feat: Alfar Luminosity

Prerequisite: Alfar, Glow Racial Power

Benefit: You double the distance affected by your glow power, and may manually adjust the size of the burst.

Feat: Alfar Sunburst

Prerequisite: Alfar

Benefit: When you make an attack with the radiant keyword or are hit with the radiant keyword, you gain a +1 bonus to your next radiant attack roll.

Feat: Song of the Valley

Prerequisite: Alfar, Valley

Benefit: Roll twice for the first attack roll you make each encounter.

Feat: Song of the Plains

Prerequisite: Alfar, Plains

Benefit: Roll twice for the first save you make each encounter.


Feat: Tokai Savage

Prerequisite: Tokai

Benefit: Gain a +2 feat bonus to grab attack rolls, and gain a +2 bonus to unarmed attacks against enemies you are grabbing.

Feat: Tokai Nomad

Prerequisite: Tokai

Benefit: Roll twice and take the higher result when making endurance tests to endure elements, or when making nature tests for forage for food.

Feat: Tokai Rage

Prerequisite: Tokai

Benefit: Gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls while bloodied.


Feat: Ashanzu Climber

Prerequisite: Ashanzu

Benefit: You do not grant combat advantage while climbing, but still take a penalty to attack rolls. Gain a +2 bonus to saving throws to prevent yourself from falling off an edge.

Feat: Ashanzu Morale

Prerequisite: Ashanzu

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to will defence whenever you are adjacent to an ally.

Feat: Vasten Restlessness

Prerequisite: Ashanzu, Vasten

Benefit: Gain a +3 feat bonus to initiative and shift 1 square as a free action any time during your first turn.

Feat: Cellian Teamwork.

Prerequisite: Ashanzu, Cellian

Benefit: You and all allies within line of sight gain a +1 bonus to initiative.


Feat: Arcva Judgement

Prerequisite: Arcva

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls when at full hitpoints.

Feat: Arcva Wings

Prerequisite: Arcva, Silver Wings Racial Power

Benefit: Your first square of movement when you use this power also increases your elevation by one square. You no longer take a penalty to distance while bloodied.

Feat: Silver Bells

Prerequisite: Arcva

Benefit: When you miss a target with the first attack roll of a power, one ally you can see gains a +1 bonus to their next attack roll against the target.


Feat: Sprite Cower

Prerequisite: Sprite

Benefit: Enemies who trigger an ally's mark take a -3 penalty to attack rolls against you, not a -2 penalty. If you shift while adjacent to an ally, you may shift two squares so long as you end your movement adjacent to the same ally.

Feat: Sprite Battlecry

Prerequisite: Sprite

Benefit: Gain a +2 feat bonus to initiative. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls during the first round of combat if you scream a battle cry.

Feat: Flower Power

Prerequisite: Sprite, Floral

Benefit: Regain 1 hitpoint whenever you use an encounter or daily attack power.

Feat: Fungus Amongus

Prerequisite: Sprite, Fungal

Benefit: Regain 1 hitpoint whenever you make an attack with the poison keyword.


Feat: Stonekin Strength

Prerequisite: Stonekin

Benefit: Increase your carrying capacity by your Constitution score * 10.

Feat: Stonekin Earth Armour

Prerequisite: Stonekin

Benefit: After a short rest, gain 4 temporary hitpoints. These increase to 8 at 11th level, and 12 at 21st level.

Feat: Immovable Stone

Prerequisite: Stonekin

Benefit: Reduce the distance of all pushes, pulls, and slides by one.

Paragon Tier


Feat: Human Recovery

Prerequisite: Human, 11th level

Benefit: When you spend an action point for any reason, you can make one saving throw against an effect that a save can end.


Feat: Children of the Sun

Prerequisite: Alfar, 11th level, Glow Racial Power

Benefit: Gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against Demons that are within the radius of your Glow racial power.


Feat: Blinding Fury

Prerequisite: Tokai, 11th level

Benefit: When you use your Fury racial power, gain temporary hitpoints equal to 1/2 level.


Feat: Communal Effort

Prerequisite: Ashanzu, 11th level

Benefit: All adjacent allies gain a +1 morale bonus to damage rolls and their Will defence. This stacks with itself to a maximum of +2.


Feat: Divine Regeneration

Prerequisite: Arcva, 11th level

Benefit: After you use your second wind, regain the effects of Divine Grace until you take damage again.


Feat: Regrowth

Prerequisite: Sprite, 11th level

Benefit: Increase your maximum healing surges by 2, and your healing surge value by 4.


Feat: Ancient Body

Prerequisite: Stonekin, 11th level

Benefit: Gain a +1 enhancement resistance to all physical damage per 5 levels. Wearing magic armour no longer provides you with an enhancement bonus but can still offer you access to item powers or properties.