Redoga's Shattering finally came to an end with the creation of a fortress that shifted the balance of power towards the incumbent Zarod.

The Redogan Revolt of 1650

During the Shattering of Redoga, many Dogas competed with each other for power. Since 1634, Zarod Zinius IV Onud of Starport ruled Redoga, and had been waging extensive wars against Doga Mauran of Acci and Doga Vuchaz of Roha. The Zarod's heir, a young Arcva named Hairo Onud, was already beginning to prepare for battle himself. He was headstrong, refused to take advice from others, and was ruthless with inferiors. Nonetheless, he was a powerful warrior and many expected he would take the throne after his father. In 1640, Hairo married and had a son, named Junar Onud.

In 1650, Zarod Zinius IV lost the battle of Umval, and was put to death by Mauran of Acci - who proclaimed himself as Zarod. The weakened Dogas of Tuebe and Roha swore their allegiance to the new Zarod Mauran. The other Dogas hesitated, while Hairo immediately declared himself Zarod and marched his army west, expecting the other Dogas to flock to his banner. When they did not, Hairo returned to Starport with the army of Mauran on his heels. The army of the Zarod assaulted Starport in Zastiken 1650 and defeated the rebels. Hairo Onud was cornered by a force led by Umaru Onud (later Umaru Keizash), and the Doga was slain. Hairo's young son, Junar Onud, was put in power with tight control from the Doga Zinius of Roha.

Umaru was always on the lookout for signs of insurrection from the Doga of Starport, and would use any disloyalty as an excuse to tighten his control over the foreign Doga's court. Junar, young and afraid, grew up without the army or power to contest the Zarodom - he would instead focus on studying and research, taking a fascination in Ghidovian culture and magic.

Mareck IV

The ruler Mareck Keizash IV was brought to power through treachery in 1675 at the age of three. His father, Doga Zinius of Roha, poisoned Zarod Mauran and his family as they visited for a Coronation Day celebration. Support from Starport was ensured by Umaru, and the doga of Dan swore fealty to ensure the stability of the riverway that he needed for the growth of his city.

With Redoga back under the control of the family of Keizash II, the family changed their name from Onud to Keizash to distinguish themselves from the lesser branches of the Onud dynasty. His regents identified the need for the Zarod to hold some additional power in order to keep Redoga stable from the Dogas. The decision was made to use the period of military exhaustion to construct a fortification where a weakened Zarod could hide his army and Court while the rebel Dogas were forced to withdraw, or were defeated by loyal Dogas. 

Three advisers were in charge of the project, to be made unlike anything in Redoga. They were named Boujen Keizash, cousin to the king, Benjamin Aumar, a human philosopher, and Edorian Keizash, a veteran soldier in the army of Mareck. Their fortress was named “The Dome” and helped secure the power of the monarch of Redoga, ending the Shattering and allowing Mareck IV to grow up as Zarod. 

Junar's Rebellion

The ruler Doga Junar Onud of Starport grew up as a prisoner. His father and grandfather had both been put to death by the ruling dynasty of Redoga and his lands were under constant supervision from Regent Umaru Keizash who Junar despised. Umaru tried to undermine Junar's grip on Starport in hopes that the young Arcva would stumble and be deposed in favour of himself. 

Junar's fortunes continued to sour when a band of Ghidovian pirates captured him in 1692 and killed his family. They sought to ransom him back to Umaru, but Junar knew that was futile as the old diplomat wanted nothing more than for Junar's dynasty to end. He spent months as a prisoner before he was reached out to by the Archdemon Jarquimos. Jarquimos offered Junar powerful warlock magic capable of killing the pirates if Junar would offer Jarquimos his soul when he died. Junar accepted and freed himself.

With himself back in Starport, Junar plotted revenge against Umaru for his scheming. He promoted a rebel force which he used to steal the gold being extorted from him by Umaru and Zarod Mareck IV. This rebel force soon took to the field after scoring victories against the Zarod in 1701. Local townspeople supported Junar as he raised a banner. His warlock magic was used to turn the tide in battle over the next year. As he became more invested in the blood of Darengan, his own addiction for Baxiajus blood led to many of his followers abandoning him. By 1703, he was forced to flee to Arcellus where Mureios II imprisoned him below Wekep Empai