Sprites live in numerous tribes along the east cost of Borava in swamps, marshes, and jungles. Constant raids from Tokai and other Sprites have made them suspicious of all outsiders. Trade contact with Ashanzu has made them more friendly with those who claim to be from Arcellus. Some tribes even mistakenly worship the Empai as a seventh god. 

They are slow to befriend, and quick to forget outsiders. In their short lives, they will sometimes never interact with more than a dozen individuals. They prefer to play music and sing than to think or build. Collecting treasure is fun, but most Sprites place little value on material goods, and are therefore often generous.

Sprite society is headed by their elders, who have the most knowledge of the world. Their short lifespans mean that leaders change yearly, and so there is little stability in sprite villages. The young die often as they are small and easy to trick. To reach twenty years of age is considered an accomplishment to them.

Physical Qualities

Sprites are short creatures with small arms and legs ending in three-digit hands or feet. Their fingers are fatter at the tips than the base. They have slim bodies that are often hunched over. Their necks are at the front of their chests, rather than the top, and their bulbous heads jut forward. Sprite skin can come in any colour, but tends towards green or blue hues.

Sprites have heads shaped like footballs elongated at the jaw and the back of the skull. Their eyes are large and located at the sides of their head, and are coloured bright orange, red, or yellow. Their jaw is rounded and they have flat teeth for eating plants. Sprites are herbivores. 

Floral sprites will grow between  three and ten 3 inch-wide flowers along their back tracing their spine. The flowers have eight petals, and are usually purple, pink, or white. When pollinated, they will lose their petals and grow two inch wide orange globules that are sticky and will detach when the sprite rubs itself against a tree. These sacs will leech nutrients from the host tree while a young sprite grows inside.

Fungal sprites have many small flaps of light brown skin on their back which cover weaving flaps of spore-growing tissue. By opening the flaps and exhaling through small air holes in their back, the fungal sprite launches these spores into the air, where they can float for days. If a spore is fertilized, it will coat itself in an orange globule. If the globule lands on a tree, it will leech nutrients from the host tree while a young sprite grows inside.

Sprites reach maturity at the young age of five, where they are able to talk and reason as well as an adult. At the age of twenty-five, they begin to grow old. Most sprites will die between thirty and thirty-five years of age.

Play This Race if You Want to;

  • To be an adorable pile of flowers that fights monsters
  • To always have something up your sleeve
  • To be able to excel at the Shaman, Druid, or Warden clasees


Sprites posess the Sprite Fortitude and Acid Resistance traits, and may identify as either Floral or Fungal.

Sprite Fortitude: Gain a +1 racial bonus to fortittude. Gain a +2 bonus to your number of healing surges.

Acid Resistance: You gain resistance to poison and acid damage equal to your 3+1/3 level.

Photosynthesis: You only eat half what other races eat, but you may not eat meat.

Floral Sprite

Languages: Token, choice of one other.

Skill Bonus: +2 Nature, +2 Acrobatics

Hibernate: Gain access to the Hibernate Racial Power:
Hibernate (Racial)
Your body shudders and collapses to the ground.
Daily (Healing) - Standard Action - Personal
Effect: You fall unconscious (save ends) and may spend up to four healing surges to regain hitpoints. You may only make saving throws starting at the end of your next turn. Each time you fail a saving throw, you may spend another healing surge to regain hitpoints.

Fungal Sprite

Languages: Token, choice of one other.

Skill Bonus: +2 Heal, +2 Thievery

Nutrient Reserve: Gain the Nutrient Reserve racial power:
Nutrient Reserve (Racial)
Your veins pulse as they draw reserve nutrients.
Encounter (Healing) - Minor Action - Personal
Effect: You may spend a healing surge to regain hitpoints.