Stonekin have no united culture. They rarely interact with each other, and seldom stay to talk long.

When interacting with others, they are often detached and distant. They will use few words, and prefer to listen to others talk. When they make an occasional friend, they sometimes forget about the friend for a decade before coming back again. 

Stonekin spend most of their time wandering across the land. They enjoy exploring and finding new things to see and experience. 

Names: Stonekin have no names. If other races want to address a stonekin, they must often give them names themselves.

Physical Qualities

Stonekin are animated statues.Their body is made almost entirely from metamorphic rock, or rarely igneous rocks. Inside are nested many rage gemstones which have made Stonekin hunted by other races for the valuables found inside them.

Their features can vary from one creature to another, but almost all of them are vaguely humanoid, though without any precise details or clothing. Their eyes are often made of polished stone, but their mouths and noses are often rough or broken. 

Stonekin do not need to eat or drink like normal creatures, but must still consume five grams of sodium a day. Many Stonekin live along the coast and filter sodium from the salt water of the sea, while others stay in mountains to eat from salt deposits in the hillside.

Stonekin cannot be born. Their numbers have dwindled from several thousand when the world was made to a scarce few hundred now. Found across the world, their exact origin is in dispute, and no Stonekin remember their creator.

Play This Race if You Want to;

  • To be an ancient warrior created by unknown forces
  • To stand taller than any other race
  • To be able to excel at the Fighter, Paladin, or Barbarian classes.
  • To always be full of salt!

A Stonekin


Stonekin posses the Stone Armour, Stone Skin, Large Weapons, Size, Unliving, Giant Strike and Gem-Filled traits.

Stone Armour: Stonekin are carved in such a way that you are always considered to be wearing chain, scale, or plate armour. You may choose one of these armour types (that you are proficient with) at first level. If your class is not proficient with at least one of these armour types, you gain proficiency in chain and must use that. You can never benefit from light armour, but can wear other armour over top of your natural armour, and use whichever grants the higher AC, but take the higher armour check and movement penalties.

Giant Strike

Stonekin know the racial power Giant Strike:

Giant Strike (Racial)
You fill yourself with the strength of a mountain,
Encounter - No Action - Personal
Effect: The next time you hit with a melee weapon, deal 1[w] extra damage to the target.
Stone Skin: You gain resistance to poison damage equal to 5+1/2 level.

Languages: Any two of your choice.

Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Dungeoneering

Large Weapons: You reduce the damage die size of medium weapons by one, but may wield them as one-handed weapons if they were two-handed. You may use large-size weapons without penalty, though you do not gain the normal increase to die size for using a large weapon.

Size: You occupy four squares (and are two-squares tall). Quadruple your carrying capacity. Large weapons and armour cost and weigh eight times as much as normal. If you start the game with weapons or armour, you do not pay extra due to your size.

Smash: Your unarmed attacks deal 1d8 damage, and double damage to structures.

Unliving: Your origin is Animate for powers or effects that target creatures of a particular origin. You do not make death saving throws (but still die after reaching negative bloodied).

Gemfilled: Upon death, your body may be dismembered for 50*2^1d6 gold pieces worth of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.