Redoga was formed by the court Onud. When the Zarod attempted to parcel out control of his land to his many sons, a period of terrible civil war resulted in instability that persisted for 200 years.

Keizash Arrives

Redoga was founded by a court of Arcva who landed in Starport in the year 1422 and made their way up the Tueba River, then the Roha River. Their Court rested in the city of Roha, which they made the seat of their power. Their leader was an Arcva by the name of Keizash Onud, tall and strong. He married to another Arcva in his court named Etharriso, who was proud and fiercely loyal to him. Keizash crowned himself with a golden circlet, and named himself Zarod Keizash I of Redoga, which spanned from Roha along the river to Starport.

In the year 1425, the pair had their first child, named Zinius. To Zinius was pledged the title of Zarod, and the Court of Redoga approved, for the child was healthy and strong like his father. Another son was born the next year, 1426, named Keizash. To ensure that his second son had a land to rule as well, Keizash began a war to conquer the Dannon Rivers, and added its land to Redoga. For each of his next twelve sons, Keizash conquered more land and added it to his Zarod until all of western Saeva was under his rule by the 48th of Zaroken, 1466. That Nation Day was celebrated as Keizash handed out parcels of land to each of his fourteen sons, to be received on the day that Keizash died. 

The Shattering

Of course, it was not long before Keizash was murdered. It happened on the 10th of Zastiken, 1466. Keizash I was stabbed to death in the streets of Roha by a gang of human ruffians, who admitted under torture to having been paid off by Zinius. Redoga was thus divided, and the Court of Redoga split into several smaller Dogas, all serving under the Zarod of Redoga. Zinius I's lands included Redoga Lake and the surrounding villages. Keizash received the land of the Tuebe Valley. The other lands of Redoga were split between the other twelve children.

As Zinius I had no children, he needed to appoint an heir in case of his death. The strong arcva reasoned that if he named Keizash II as his heir, Keizash might have him assassinated like their father was. Accordingly, Zinius I named his youngest brother, Anmarek, Doga of Starport, as heir to his lands. 

To ensure he remained powerful, Keizash instead imprisoned Anmarek, took control of his army and lands, and waged war on Zinius. Zinius was captured as he tried to flee on a ship up the in the year 1467. Keizash II had his brother drowned in the lake. This began a period of nearly endless wars known as the Shattering. Campaigns would rage back and forth, and rulers would seize Roha and declare themselves the new Zarod of Redoga, only for another Doga to arrive and depose them. In total, there were 40 Zarods after Keizash.