Tokai are wild creatures that stretch the boundary between civilization and primal beasts. Their accomplishments are passed down from generation to generation in oral stories that take on a life of their own. Legends range from that of Kux Ati whose blood was so hot from battle that his death burned a river into the land, to the stories of the coward chief who fled while his entire tribe died. Great names are recorded in other races history as well - such as the Muzabachen Tribe who serve as the bodyguards of the Empai of the Cellian Empire, or the brave Gruhnd who ventured to Morata and confront the demons of his ancestors on the slopes of Feba rise. Passion for danger, violence, and honour are ingrained in Tokai mythology.  

Tokai are boastful, expressing themselves loudly and always striving to exceed others. They make enemies easily, and have rivals within their tribes. Such rivalries usually end in death or exile. Among those they consider friends, a Tokai will often fight or challenge to ensure they have not grown weak.  

From birth, Tokai are pitted against each other in contests of strength, speed, and bravery. Those who excel take their place at the fireside and act as leaders, while the losers sulk and wait for moments of weakness to strike. Spiritual and connected to Lesellia, giver of life, and Akatu, taker of life, Tokai are intimate with the circle of life. They embrace every chance to find worthy foes to send them to the Starlands to be with their ancestors.  

Male Names: Terac, Sarok, Orruk, Melug, Gruhnd  

Female Names: Eiloth, Arek, Remtu, Paruk  

Physical Qualities

Tokai are humanoid beasts with animal features. Their muscles are large and their skin is thick. They have two large bones that protrude like daggers from their elbows pointing backwards and from the top of their forearms pointing towards the backs of their hands. These bones grow slowly, and are often sharpened into points by the Tokai.

Their legs are backwards bending at the knee to allow Tokai unmatched speed on the plains. Male genitals can invert into the torso to keep out of danger while hunting or running. Females have six flat nipples and no breasts. There is no normal size difference between men and women.

A Tokai's nose is flat with two wide pink nostrils. Their ears are large and can turn to listen in a particular direction. Their mouths are small and their teeth are sharp, designed for tearing into flesh. Tokai are covered from head to toe with brown, grey, or black fur that is darker around the neck, hands, and feet. 

Tokai are born in groups of two to four. Unhealthy pups die off within the first three years, and only one or two will reach adulthood at the age of fourteen. Tokai live fierce lives until they reach old age at fifty years, normally dying soon after if not cared for.

Play This Race if You Want to;

  • Connect with your inner beast and charge into battle. 
  • To have unmatched unarmed fighting ability. 
  • To excel at the Fighter, Ranger, or Barbarian classes. 
  • Never have to take a bath! 

A Tokai Ranger


Language: Token, and your choice of one other. 

Skills: Gain a +2 racial bonus to athletics and acrobatics.  

All Tokai posses the Bone Claws, Lunge, and Fury traits. 

Bone Claws

Gain a +1 proficiency bonus to unarmed attack rolls, and deal 1d6 damage on a hit with unarmed attack rolls using your forearm or teeth.  


Gain the Fury Racial Power: 

Silver Wings (Racial)
Your dripping blood fills you with fury.
Encounter - Free Action when first bloodied - Personal
Effect: Gain a +2d6 bonus to your next damage roll before the end of your next turn. This bonus increases to +3d6 at 11th level and +4d6 at 21st level.


Gain a +2 bonus to initiative.