Zarodossa the Arcva


Zarodossa was the firstborn of Alnasia. She created her home to be a solid fortress in case Darengan ever returned to war with the gods. Her home matches her form - an impressive 15-foot tall body and six wings, two each of silver, diamond, and platinum.

Her blade, Justice, is made of Adamantium and burns with silver flame that pierces all armour. Zarodossa also carries a set of enchanted scales which she uses to weigh the souls of her followers. Those who are worthy come to her side as Archons.

When Zarodossa learned of Axxaasto and Darnus' plot to steal the Adamant, Zarodossa and Zastillifar tracked down Darnus. Cornering him in a shallow bay, the traitorous god was quickly tried. Zarodossa sought to punish Darnus - he was disloyal and violent, so he was forsaken and imprisoned. She created a prison of magical ice at the center of the world where he would be kept until ten million suns had passed Altus. A number that some priest fear is almost at its end.

The other gods created their races quickly, but Zarodossa took her time. After meticulous work, she created the perfect species in her own image - the Arcva. Placing them on the peaks of Altus, she helped them learn magic and taught them to rule. Once they were ready, she released them to bring civilization to the lesser races of Altus.

Zarodossa watched as Fomros Rafil led one of the Arcva courts to the base of Kryus Peak. In two generations, they had successfully created a city to call their own. Zarodossa descended from the heavens on the 48th of Zaroken and Augmented their leader, Doga Gorn Rafil II as her Zarod - lieutenant in her future wars.


"The power to rule does not come from without." The power to rule is a combination of strength to stay in power, cunning to thwart threats to those you rule (and thus you), and the ability to notice weakness in others. If you do these things, you will be a good ruler.

In contrast, being a good servant is important. While your ruler uses their skills to keep themselves strong, you must use your abilities to make yourself valuable to your ruler. Together, many insignificant forces can work together to accomplish incredible things.

Those who do not make themselves useful are leeches upon those who protect them and do not deserve remorse. Learn the laws of Zarodossa, learn the laws of the land, and carry them out whatever the cost. Order is an "ends" which justifies the harshest of punishment to enforce.

The Invoker's Code

If they are lazy, beat them.
If they are disloyal, forsake them.
If they are incompetent, humiliate them.
If they are greedy, impoverish them.
If they are violent, imprison them.
If they are cowardly, mark them.

The City of Zarodossa

Blessed is the man who seeks his place is in the world, Rewarded is the Wiseman who gives him council
Righteous is the servant who serves his master, Justified is the Master who nourishes his servant
Wicked is the man who seeks to steal power, Beloved is the man who accepts power with humility
Merciful is the Father who fortifies his inheritance, Strong is the Son who succeeds him
Godly is the king who abdicates, Glorified is the Prince who remembers him
Vouchsafed is the man who bends his knee in the temple, Scorned is he who feasts in his home
Cursed is the cruel, Hated is the Avarice, Despised is the greedy, Scorned is the slothful
And damned are those who defile the city of Zarodossa



Thanks: “A place for you in the peaks”

I need blessings: “Help me fulfill my duty.”

Addressing a Superior: “Greetings, Winged one.”

For a funeral: “Please watch over your child, who has fulfilled his/her duty in life, and now goes to you to fulfill his/her duty in death.”

For a Coronation:“Silver bells on fields of diamond. May he/she observe the wisdom you would, and rule with the strength that you would.”

For a success: “The winged one has brought us here.”


Coronation: When anointing a new leader of a noble position, it is customary to bathe them in silver-tinted water before an assembly of clerics. This purifies them from poisons or unnatural taints.

Nation Day: Zarodossa created the nation of Ghidovia on the 48th of Zaroken. To honour the first nation, many cultures honour Zarodossa on that day, in hopes of gaining a similar blessing.

Augment: To honour Zarodossa's vested skills, completion of training or education often lands on the 10th of Zaroken. These ceremonies involve swearing an oath to use these new skills to serve Zarodossa as well as one's ruler.

The Winged Knights: This order of Paladins dispatched members from their headquarters in Werex Bankasorabeau to help rulers who have shown their power but are in need of assistance. Their presence has turned the tide of many minor battles.


Battle: Zarodossa encourages her followers to do battle against those who would break the natural order of things. If one is strong, they will take whatever they can into their fold of protection. Thus if one wins a battle, they were blessed by Zarodossa.

Arcva: The Arcva exist to rule, guide, and protect the lesser races. They often worship Zarodossa and should ensure their subjects do as well.

Slavery: Slavery is nothing more than a formal exchange of duty. A ruler offers a subject shelter, and the subject pledges to do their best to earn it. Money and debts can be exchanged to begin or end this relationship, but both parties must agree.

Magic: The magic of the world is not chaotic - it follows precise rules which mortals should strive to discover and harness.

Gems: Diamonds and platinum are stones bestowed with the strength of Zarodossa. While silver is reminiscent of her beauty, it is not holy.

Charity: Generosity is nonsensical unless it serves the higher purpose of preserving or enhancing society.